About Ashley

Welcome my friend! I am so thrilled you found me here. Ashleystork.co is a place for people, passions, hearts, gathering, inspiration and whole dose of reality. You’ll find tips, tools and tricks I’ve learned along the way in my 8 years as an entrepreneur in sales & wedding planning as well as the things i love & inspire me along the way. My hope is this is a place where people find actionable, and helpful resources for their business that they can put into action right away. Maybe you got into your business because you love doing whatever it is you do but didn’t realize the number of hats you’d have to wear or the amount of things you’d be doing. Some of those things might not really be your actual trade and craft and maybe some of those aren’t your skill set or your comfort level and it’s nerve racking. I HEAR YOU FRIEND. I’ve been there. I was drowning. I luckily found the coaching and resources I needed to build my systems to get out from under the weeds. As my business grew, new problems popped up like how do I be the CEO but I am still the (list the 1,000 other roles you fill here)? Again new systems had to come into my life.
Business ownership has taken me on an interesting journey. In developing ashleystork.com, I hoped for a place where i could share other things i love, give you more of a look into my “regular” life, while we figure this whole entrepreneur thing out together. I want a business that fits into my life, not a life that fits into my business. Life’s too short friend—so let’s rock your biz, while enjoying life too (hopefully we’re enjoying life by water with a cocktail in our hand, hmk?!)
  • Honest
  • Supportive
  • Loving
  • Giving