Like most small business owners, you are probably wearing a lot of hats, doing a lot of things. I know when I started my business, I thought well I will be wedding planning. I didn’t know I was going to be the marketer, accountant, paper filer, janitor, and approximately 100 other things I could be doing in a day. Until recently, I didn’t really think of those roles at all. One of the most powerful activities I have done as of recently was really write down the various roles I was fulfilling, looked up a general job description for that type of job, and then edited it based on my business. If you don’t know what you are doing, meaning if you don’t even have a handle on the tasks and roles you are filling, it is incredibly hard to create a system around that, with the goal of training someone to take that role/job/task over.

Here are the 5 roles I came up with for me:

  1. CEO
  2. CMO
  3. CFO
  4. Client Management
  5. Sales

I then broke these roles down into what the true job description of each was, what that looked like for my job, and then the tasks associated with that role. I was then able to evaluate the systems I had for each area of my business in relation to that role. What the CMO does, isn’t the same as the sales department/person, and it isn’t the same as the client manager/management team. I also looked at where I was spending the most amount of time, where I could spend less, where i wanted to spend less, and where I wanted to spend more time working. This activity really helped me revamp my systems, and really define the roles & jobs everyone on my team, including myself, would be doing.

Have you done an audit of your business roles? How did that affect your systems in your business?

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