I can’t believe it–today is here! I have been thinking, dreaming, pondering this website for over a year and half. If we don’t know each other yet, HEY FRIEND! I am Ashley Stork, and welcome to my new website. After being a business owner for almost 9 years (4 in a jewelry company, and almost 5 as the owner of Magnolia Vine Events), I have learned A LOT.

The business world has changed so much since I started. When I started MVE, there were few coaches, biz resources, and podcasts weren’t really a thing (I mean that button MIGHT have been on my phone but legitimately didn’t know what it was). Of course now there are resources out the wazoo but I will be honest, I have had a hard time finding what I was looking for, and thought ya know what, I am just going to make it!

This is not a place for fluff, surface level BS folks. You are going to get ACTIONABLE, tangible, helpful tips, tricks, & planning tools for your business. The other part of Ashleystork.co is I have been desiring a place to also talk about my passions & other things I love like healthy living, fashion, recipes, and whatever else I am loving. Join our email list to get my weekly edit of fave things & finds of the week 🙂

Again, I am super excited you are here, ready to dive into your business systems, ideas, plans, and I can’t wait to help you manage all the things you are thinking, doing, trying to do, dreaming of for your business and life.

Let’s rock this entrepreneur journey together!