Hello there friend! Thanks for reading today. We are going to chat about your client experience process today. Now when most people hear client experience, they think gift or present. While that could be part of the client experience, it is really so much more than that. The client experience is their experience with you from the moment from inquiry through completion of the project. It is how you communicate, what you say, how you deliver items/products/services, number of meetings, where those meetings are, your interactions with those clients at every turn, moments of surprise and delight like gifting, as well as after the project is complete. I am going to share with you the 5 parts of a client experience process so you can start building yours!

  1. Inquiry. This is the time when the potential client is engaged with you in knowing more about your services. I want you to think through these steps like you had to had over every part of this to a kindergartener. How does the inquiry come in? Who responds? Is there an email template that is used? How is a discovery call/consultation scheduled? Does anything need to be sent before the call/consult, if so how is that done? What needs to be sent after the meeting?If a proposal needs to be drafted, is there a template for that? Where is it? What gets edited? How is it sent to the potential client? These are many questions & many steps you might not realize you are doing but if you ever are going to build or grow your team they may need to know these things.
  2. Booking. The client has agreed to your proposal and is ready to move forward–hooray! Now what are those steps to get that client confirmed? Does a contract need to be sent? Is there a template that can be used for that? How is the initial invoice sent? How do they pay?
  3. Onboarding. Now that you have their signed contract, & retainer, you are ready to welcome the client to your work family. What do you need to do to set the client/project up? Do you have an internal work system you use for managing projects like asana or trello? Does the client get an invitation to your client portal or system which could be the same thing or something different? For me I use Asana internally, and Aisle Planner externally for project management. Do you send them a welcome gift? If so, what is the gift, how does it need to be wrapped/assembled and who is mailing it? Do they get a welcome email from you to outline boundaries, and expectations? If so, who is sending that and do you have a template?
  4. Service.
  5. After service is complete.

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