Do you ever just feel like you are constantly working on your client work but can’t seem to get to the marketing, accounting, project development, goal setting, or other things you know you need to be doing or like to be doing in your business?

Being a business owner comes with wearing many hats especially if you are the one fulfilling the majority of the roles in your business. I’ve been there and it feels like you are drowning. Sitting down everyday being reactive is extremely stressful. I want to help you be proactive in your business which will help you be proactive in your schedule as well as personal life. Let’s get working friend!

Masterplan Mastermind

Launches August 20th!

The masterplan mastermind is for the entrepreneur ready to deep dive into the systems of their business to get a clearer picture of what needs to get done and how will it happen. We cover who’s your client, your services & pricing, client processes,experience, onboarding, the three systems you need in your business & how to make marketing a priority. Join the next group of business owners ready to work together, support one another & move your business forward.

Project Calendar Planning Webinar

One of the biggest issues I see when working with business owners is that they do not have a handle on what is getting done when because they are constantly reacting rather than being proactive in planning their work. Setting a project calendar, and communicating those expectations and boundaries to my clients was one of the biggest game changers in my wedding planning business. Join our next webinar to learn exactly how I plan my client to do’s for each month, the systems I use and how I communicate that with clients to set clear expectations with them on when tasks are getting completed. The best part of this workshop: IT IS FREE!

Content Planning Workshop

Coming April 2019

In my wedding planning business, I produce alot of content. I mostly handle the writing, scheduling, and posting of the content. You can’t do this without a plan. The content planning quarterly workshop is for you if you are struggling with consistency, platforms, and what to say. Our first round begins April 2019, so sign up today to get notification when the doors open to join!

Yearly Audit Plan

Just like your personal health, your business personal health is super important! This January we are going to dive into setting the systems that will allow you more time for the activities you want to be doing & need to be doing! Videos, worksheets, and more are coming for this interactive group of business owners who are ready to take charge of their business in 2019! Sign up for the free Yearly Audit Plan.


How do I know the mastermind is right for me?

Great question! The mastermind is perfect for the person looking to DEEP dive into the systems in their business to get out of the weeds of biz ownership. Being an entrepreneur comes with wearing many hats at once, and if you don’t have systems for those roles, it can be really overwhelming and daunting. If this is resonating with you, come on and join us!

Is the project calendar planning workshop free?

YES! This workshop is totally free. If you are managing several projects/clients, and everyday you are just reacting to the work rather than being proactive with a plan to get it done, and done on your schedule, then this is for you!

How does the content planning quarterly workshop work?

I am so excited about this one! We produce a lot of content for our wedding planning business, and let’s be honest, content is a big part of marketing now. That content doesn’t just happen and when you are doing #allthethings you need a plan. This workshop is going to be great for you. We will meet twice a month: one meeting will be our plan creation time together, and one meeting will be a check in during the month. You are going to be provided worksheets, ideas, braindumps, and the opportunity to survey your fellow workshoppers if you need inspiration/help/ideas as well as the support from me! We will have guest experts during the quarter as special bonuses!

Does the Yearly Audit Plan have to only be done in January?

NO! There is nothing special about January 1st as my friend in my head Lara Casey says. We will launch the yearly audit plan January 2019 BUT if you miss our January dates, then don’t worry, there will be the ability to access the content afterwards!

What are your fave biz resources/books/podcasts?

I will admit, I am an education junkie! I am loving @modern_planner, @theproductivityzone, and my all time fave, girl crush, #goals @emilyley. Podcasts: Planning for Profit from Kristin Kaplan, This week in weddings, Brands that Book, and The Classy Career Girl. I am also a bravo junkie so my fave bravo podcasts are Two Judgey Girls & Everything Iconic–save your judgement, I love it! Books: I am reading Profit First & Traction right now. Other favorites are Essentialism(I read this every January), Simplified, & Grace not Perfection. On my list to read is Present over Perfect next!

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